Jonathan Arkell's Portfolio

Design Portfolio

Green-light communications

The CEO of Green Light communications asked me to design the logo, business card and overall look for their website.


Logo image

The Green Light logo was just one of those logos that sprang immediately to mind the second the client approached me with the job.

Business Card

Business Card image

After the logo was constructed, the business card simply designed itself.

Website Interface

Website Interface image

I was responsible for the initial look and feel of the Green Light website, and opted to go for the same minimal geometrical style as the logo and business card.

Various Open Projects

Community Scheme Wiki

Community Scheme Wiki image

I took on the job of beautifying the Community Scheme Wiki, while keeping the markup as lightweight and accessable as possible

x0xb0x Front Panel

x0xb0x Front Panel image

Another member of the x0xb0x community posted a front panel design that I found inspiring, and I decided to expand on it after I got his permission to use his work as a base.